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                                    A Salute to the Stars”

                                         Colonel Charles Young, USA  (1889-1922)
                                                       REACHED THE STARS     



The following section is a partial listing of the Black Americans who have served in the Flag Ranks of the Regular United States Armed Forces. Among the names not listed are the following: Brigadier General Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., the First Black General in the United States Armed Forces. His son, General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., the First Black General in the United States Air Forces. Also missing is Lieutenant General Arthur J. Gregg, USA (Retired). He enlisted in the United States Army as a private, and came up through the ranks to achieve Flag officer status.


Current Rank Last Name First Name Status Year Source Date Retired
  Simmons IV Joseph J. Deceased 1971 OCS 11/30/1998
BG Adams-Ender Clara L. Retired 1961 DA 9/1/1993
BG Baxter Sheila R. Retired 1978 ROTC 9/1/2008
BG Bivens Nolen V. Retired 1976 ROTC 9/1/2008
BG Brooks Leo A. Retired     2/1/1984
BG Brooks, Jr. Leo A. Retired 1979 USMA 8/1/2006
BG Brown George J. Retired 1969 ROTC 2/1/1999
BG Brown, Jr. Dallas C. Retired     6/1/1984
BG Bryant, Jr. Albert Retired 1974 USMA 1/1/2009
BG Burch Harold E. Retired 1964 ROTC 11/1/1995
BG Butler Remo Retired 1974 ROTC 7/1/2004
BG Cade Alfred J. Retired     1/1/1979
BG Cadoria Sherian G. Retired     12/1/1990
BG Cain Eddie Retired 1971 ROTC 6/1/2000
BG Cofer Jonathan H. Retired 1972 ROTC 10/1/2002
BG Cooper Billy R. Retired 1969 OCS 8/1/2001
BG Crear Robert Retired 1975 ROTC 5/1/2008
BG Cross Jesse R. Active 1979 ROTC  
BG Delandro Donald J. Retired     10/1/1985
BG Ferrell Robert S. Active 1983 ROTC  
BG Flowers Michael C. Retired 1977 ROTC 4/1/2008
BG Garrett Michael X. Active 1984 ROTC  
BG Gordon-Bray Arnold N. Active 1978 ROTC  
BG Harleston Robert A. Retired     8/1/1989
BG Hill Mack C. Retired 1967 DA 9/1/2000
BG Hooper Charles W. Active 1979 USMA  
BG Johnson Julius F. Retired 1964 ROTC 9/1/1993
BG Johnson III Walter F. Retired     11/1/1988
BG Kennon James L. Retired 1978 OCS 11/1/2006
BG Kindred Samuel L. Retired 1969 DA 7/1/1998
BG Leigh Fredric H. Retired 1963 ROTC 1/1/1994
BG McAlister Mark A. Active 1981 ROTC  
BG Miles Lloyd Active 1980 USMA  
BG Patterson Lawarren V. Active 1982 ROTC  
BG Piggee Aundre F. Active 1981 ROTC  
BG Pinckney Belinda Active 1979 OCS  
BG Price George B. Retired     10/1/1978
BG Richardson Velma L. Retired 1973 DA 10/1/2003
BG Rogers Dennis E. Active 1980 ROTC 7/1/2010
BG Scott Donald L. Retired     6/1/1991
BG Simmons Bettye H. Retired 1969 DA 2/1/2000
BG Simms Earl M. Retired 1968 ROTC 9/1/2000
BG Smith Leslie C. Active 1986 ROTC  
BG Spaulding, Jr. Vernon C. Retired 1968 DA 1/1/1997
BG Stephens, Jr. Robert L. Retired 1962 ROTC 6/1/1993
BG Turner, Jr. Guthrie L. Retired     8/1/1983
BG Twitty Stephen M. Active 1985 ROTC  
BG Watkins, Jr. John M. Retired 1966 ROTC 9/1/1995
BG Williams Charles E. Retired     8/1/1989
BG Williams Darrell K. Active 1983 ROTC  
BG Wyche Larry D. Active 1983 ROTC  
GEN Ellis Larry R. Retired 1969 ROTC 7/1/2004
GEN Powell Colin L. Retired 1958 ROTC 10/1/1993
GEN Robinson, Jr. Roscoe Deceased     11/30/1985
GEN Ward William E. Active 1971 ROTC  
GEN Wilson Johnnie E. Retired 1967 OCS 6/1/1999
LTG Austin III Lloyd J. Active 1975 USMA  
LTG Becton, Jr. Julius W. Retired     9/1/1983
LTG Brailsford Marvin D. Retired     3/1/1992
LTG Chambers Andrew P. Retired     4/1/1989
LTG Ebbesen Samuel E. Retired 1961 ROTC 2/1/1997
LTG Gray Robert E. Retired 1966 OCS 8/1/1997
LTG Hall, Jr. James R. Retired     10/1/1991
LTG Honor Edward Deceased     9/1/1989
LTG Honore Russel L. Retired 1971 ROTC 3/1/2008
LTG Jordan Larry R. Retired 1968 USMA 8/1/2003
LTG McCall James F. Retired     7/1/1991
LTG Paige, Jr. Emmett Retired     7/1/1988
LTG Rochelle Michael D. Retired 1972 ROTC 9/1/2009
LTG Short, Jr. Alonzo E. Retired 1962 ROTC 9/1/1994
LTG Solomon Billy K. Retired 1967 ROTC 10/1/2002
LTG Via Dennis L. Active 1980 ROTC  
MG Adams Robert B. Retired     10/1/1986
MG Anderson Dorian T. Retired 1975 USMA 10/1/2005
MG Anderson Rodney O. Active 1979 ROTC  
MG Arnold Wallace C. Retired 1961 ROTC 7/1/1995
MG Bagby Byron S. Active 1978 ROTC  
MG Bostick Thomas P. Active 1978 USMA  
MG Brooks Vincent K. Active 1980 USMA  
MG Brooks, Jr. Harry W. Retired     9/1/1976
MG Brown John M. Retired     3/1/1988
MG Clemmons Reginal G. Retired 1968 ROTC 10/1/2003
MG Coleman, Jr. William T. Retired 1984 Other  
MG Cowings John S. Retired 1965 ROTC 7/1/1998
MG Cromartie Eugene R. Retired     5/1/1990
MG Curry Jerry R. Retired     1/1/1985
MG Dean Arthur T. Retired 1967 ROTC 9/1/1998
MG Dillard Oliver W. Retired     2/1/1980
MG Donald James E. Retired 1970 ROTC 1/1/2004
MG Gaskill Robert C. Retired     6/1/1981
MG Gorden Fred A. Retired 1962 USMA 10/1/1996
MG Granger Elder Retired 1976 ROTC 7/1/2009
MG Gray Kenneth D. Retired 1966 ROTC 5/1/1997
MG Greer Edward Retired     12/1/1976
MG Hackett Craig D. Retired 1971 ROTC 1/1/2006
MG Harding Robert A. Retired 1969 OCS 9/1/2001
MG Harrell Ernest J. Retired 1960 ROTC 8/1/1995
MG Harrison, Sr. Michael T. Active 1980 ROTC  
MG Hicks David H. Retired 1971 DA 9/1/2007
MG Hunter Milton Retired 1967 ROTC 9/1/2001
MG Johnson Alan D. Retired 1970 OCS 1/1/2003
MG Johnson Jerome Retired 1973 ROTC 11/1/2009
MG Johnson Ronald L. Retired 1976 USMA 7/1/2008
MG Jones Reuben D. Active 1978 ROTC  
MG Klugh James R. Retired     4/1/1990
MG Lenhardt Alfonso E. Retired 1967 OCS 9/1/1997
MG Miller, Jr. Frank L. Retired 1966 OCS 1/1/1997
MG Monroe James W. Retired 1964 ROTC 10/1/1998
MG Morgan III John W. Active 1979 ROTC  
MG Nabors Robert L. Retired 1968 OCS 10/1/2001
MG Parker, Jr. Julius Retired     10/1/1989
MG Pittard Dana J. H. Active 1981 USMA  
MG Prather, Jr. Thomas L. Retired 1962 ROTC 8/1/1995
MG Proctor Hawthorne L. Retired 1969 ROTC 1/1/2004
MG Robinson Hugh G. Retired     8/1/1983
MG Rountree Gregory A. Retired 1970 ROTC 5/1/2003
MG Russ William H. Retired 1972 ROTC 9/1/2004
MG Sherfield Michael B. Deceased 1968 OCS 8/31/1999
MG Smith Isaac D. Retired     10/1/1989
MG Turner Abraham J. Active 1976 ROTC  
MG Williams Bennie E. Retired 1972 ROTC 10/1/2007
MG Williams Harvey D. Retired     11/1/1982
MG Winfield W. Montague Retired 1977 ROTC 2/1/2009
MG Wooten Ralph G. Retired 1968 OCS 1/1/2000
MG Zimmerman Matthew A. Retired 1964 DA 9/1/1994