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      "The Man, The  
   Mission, The Facts"

The Souvenir Book is a full color publication of 68 pages. It features three articles describing: The Man, The Mission, The Facts as they relate to Colonel Charles Young.




     "Of Thee I Sing"

This book is dedicated to the millions of minority men and women who have answered this nation's call in time of peace and crisis.




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 Special Offer - The Golden Buffalo Black History Poetry Poster Series






History is Important
                                                                It has been said,          
             “They write you out of the future,
                                                    by writing you out of the past.”
                                                           Quotation by:
                                                                 Retired Sergeant Samuel Waller, USCT
                                                                        Spanish American War Veteran

   Thirty-two years ago, a small group of veterans joined together to raise public; awareness about the importance of minority Americans' historic and contemporary contributions in the defense of our nation. We recognized what those contributions were and they are too important to not be included and taught as a part of American History. Our historic and contemporary contributions in the defense of the nation are the cornerstone of our claim of entitlement and expectation of equal rights and opportunities.

   Today, we stand as a national coalition of veteran organizations/associations. We have come together in a unity of purpose. Our goal is to elevate the soldier/diplomat Colonel Charles Young to his rightful level of prominence in American History.


   This web site is dedicated to the memory of the late Colonel. It contains articles  about the Man, the Mission and the Facts as they relate to his history. We believe once acquainted with the facts, you will agree with our call on the President of the United States and the House of Representatives to pass legislation posthumously promoting the Colonel to the rank of  Brigadier General. House Resolution 1015 submitted by Congresswoman  Barbara Lee calls for his promotion.  

   There are two other Resolutions before Congress honoring the Colonel and the Buffalo Soldiers who served under his command. In House Resolution 4491, Congresswoman Jackie  Speier calls for the trail traveled by the Buffalo Soldiers from San Francisco Persidio to Sequoia National Park to be designated a Historical Trail. In House Resolution 4514, Congressman William L. Clay calls on  Congress to bestow a Historical Landmark designation on the Colonel's home in Ohio. Copies of the House Resolutions and introductory comments by their congressional authors are contained on the site.

   Our web site will change from time to time. As articles and photographs become
available, they will be added to the site. We will keep you abreast of what is happening with the legislation and current events as it relates to the coalition's activities.


   In closing, please visit our catalog. We are offering a number of items for your purchase consideration. Your tax deductible contribution will go in-part to the development and construction of a statue in Washington, DC honoring  Brigadier General (to be) Charles Young.



Charles Blatcher, III

Founding Chairman



   Charles is the founder and chief executive officer of the National Minority Military Museum Foundation. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran who was honorably discharged from the United States Navy in 1969. He was a delegate At-Large of the White House Conference on Families in 1979: and, Freedom Foundation, At Valley Forge. His advocacy to acknowledge the contributions of minority veterans has been recognized by a host of foreign governments. He is the 1999 recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Outstanding Service of the Community Award. Charles was inducted into the International Educators' Hall of Fame in 2000.




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