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                                                                                                       “African Americans in World War II:

                                                                  A Legacy of Patriotism and Valor”


The Film documentary “African Americans in World War II: A Legacy of Patriotism and Valor” is a Department of Defense Production. Produced in 1977 by ComTel Productions, Inc., the sixty-six minutes documentary presents for the first time in a focused program, a cross section of the 1.2 million African American service men and women who served in that war. They speak of the motivations for their fighting and service to a nation that had not yet recognized their humanity, The first hand recollections of these men and women, all of which have been independently corroborated by recognized military historians, are both touching and tense, and evoke in the viewer a sense of wonderment and admiration for the selflessness and sacrifice which characterized their participation. The program inter cuts World War II footage of African Americans, much of which is seen publicly for the first time, with candid interviews, and expert narration. The men and women who appear to tell their stories first hand are joined by recognized American heroes Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., the first African American graduate from West Point Military Academy in the 20th century, Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, and retired Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, also offers commentary in the program about the impact those who served had on his career. Tony Award winner, television, and film actor, Keith David, narrate the program.  



Our goal is to make copies of this documentary available to public and private education institutions throughout the nation.  We are inviting you to assist us in this effort by making a  contribution to acquire a copy of this documentary, and then present it to a junior or senior high school in your community. Your contribution will supplement and enhance the educational curriculum as it relates to African American History

        "Yours for Race and Country, Charls. Young. 22 July, 1919." Courtesy of the Library of Congress.