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      "The Man, The  
   Mission, The Facts"

The Souvenir Book is a full color publication of 68 pages. It features three articles describing: The Man, The Mission, The Facts as they relate to Colonel Charles Young.




     "Of Thee I Sing"

This book is dedicated to the millions of minority men and women who have answered this nation's call in time of peace and crisis.




    "Special Offer"

 Special Offer - The Golden Buffalo Black History Poetry Poster Series







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The American Legion Cook-Nelson Post #20 is the proud sponsoring organization of this site. Under the auspices of our (501-C3) non-profit status our goal is to educate the public and generate the funds required to develop and construct a statue of honoring Charles Young in the nation's capital, Washington, DC. Our organization is a participating member and the official host of the monument campaign conducted under the leadership of National Veterans Coalition.

The future monument of the late diplomat/soldier will be the first constructed to honor a specific black military leader in our nation's capital.


We invite you to explore our site and learn more about The Man, The Mission, The Facts as they relate to Colonel Charles Young, a true American hero.


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                       Remember, the deeds of our Past are the
                     Foundation of our Future...Lest We Forget.